It all started with a book. 

My husband and I had bought our first house near the public library, and I decided one month ago to take a look around the library. I wanted to pick up some BBC documentaries and start reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I searched the catalogue. It said the book was in. I looked but couldn't find it. Just as I had accepted that I was leaving the library with only my DVDs, I spotted it out of the corner of my eye: a hardcover book with a large, broken stiletto on the front cover-- Overdressed by ElizabethCline . I immediately grabbed it and checked out.

I couldn't put it down. Two topics I hold near and dear: sustainability and fashion. It talked about how we don't recognize quality fabrics or construction in garments anymore. Cline said she didn't know where her clothing came from or what it was made out of. So I looked too. Pieces of clothing that I thought were nice were made out of polyester! Essentially out of oil. Why have I never thought about this before? "People are essentially walking around in rags", is what one person in the book said. I can't stop thinking about this quote.

So Cline goes on to offer many solutions on how to avoid the fast fashion trap and with this she lists a number of websites. I, being the curious person that I am, look them up. And I am hooked. One blog leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to another. 

Goodbye Facebook, Hello Blogosphere!

I am lead to two blogs. Tilly and the Buttons, where an utterly charming lady named Tilly has learned to sew and documented the process in her blog. I've lost many hours here, folks. And I think: I could do that! That would be fun! I will learn to sew and start a blog about it!

But, wait! Then I come across A Beautiful Mess, where sisters Elsie and Emma document their beautiful, crafty life. Many more hours are lost. And I think once more: I have a sister! She knows how to sew! I will ask her to join me in my noble quest!

I do.

She does.

And here we are.

Two sisters, sewing.

Two bitches with stitches.

So, welcome to our blog. We will be updating at least once a week with our sewing escapades, and on special Fridays we will have a little something to whet your appetite. We are very happy that you are here! Grab some tea and stay awhile!

Carlee :)

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Now that you've read how Carlee started the idea of the blog I will tell you a bit about my side of how it all started...

   Last year I graduated from a fashion design and techniques program and came out of school feeling overwhelmed and under prepared to get a job in the industry. In turn, my sewing machine, serger, and passion for fashion were then forgotten to collect dust in the back corner of my living room.

   Fast forward a year later and I am just working a regular job, hanging out with friends, and coming home to recite every line of How I Met Your Mother while I watch the reruns every night. I then get a text from my sister asking about a sewing project she was working on and was confused. Since when was my sister into sewing? Seeing how excited she was for her dress project it made me want to start a project to be passionate about. I then realized I lost my excitement about fashion when it became about pressure and marks and that doing it for fun and taking my time would be a very different experience.

   A few days later she suggested we start a blog recording her journey into sewing and my re-entry into the designing and sewing world and the rest is history.

  We hope to inspire everyone to get creative in any way whether it be through out adventures in sewing, cooking, or and DIY projects we may have up our sleeves. <3


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